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Wouldn't some new tips about garage doors help you deal with various problems? Read them here

Be aware of the spring dangers

Avoid meddling with garage door springs is the best advice Garage Door Repair Stafford can give you. Be aware of their tension, which is high and stored when the overhead door is closed. Springs can easily snap if the coils break and if they are damaged or broken, they won't hold the door open.

Select springs carefully

Garage door springs are the most important parts of the system since they enable the door's movement and must be selected in accordance with the door's requirements. If you haven't changed the door, it is easier since you will only have to measure the existing springs. If the door is replaced, you should choose springs based on the new door's weight.

Garage doors are different

Garage doors have substantial differentiations among them. First of all, they open in a completely different way and that distinction determines whether they will fit in a specific garage or not. They are also differentiated based on their materials, strengths, manner of processing, and whether they are insulated or not. So, the choice is not always easy.

Aligning garage door tracks

How do you know if your garage door tracks are properly aligned? According to our garage door specialists, for doors with horizontal tracks, they are supposed to slant down slightly toward the back of the garage. For roll-up garage doors, the vertical sections of the tracks ought to be exactly plumb. All the tracks should have the same height.

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