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What type of garage door should I get?

Up-and-over garage doors open outwards and upwards, swing hung doors open outwards and overhead doors open upwards. Their variations in terms of how they open will give you an idea of which one will fit in your own garage. It's also vital to get the right size depending on your space in the garage.

How do I choose new torsion springs?

If you haven't made any changes with the garage door and you were happy from the efficiency of the current torsion garage door springs, get exactly the same. Measure them in terms of their inside diameter, length and wire diameter. If you have trouble choosing the right winding cones, get help from our experts.

How will I know if my door opener can still be repaired?

Specialists at Garage Door Repair Stafford advise you to check the date of manufacturing for your door opener. The ones manufactured prior to 1993 should be replaced. Any door opener, be it a Liftmaster garage door opener or an Allister garage door opener, will not be equipped with infrared sensors if they were manufactured prior to 1993.

Do I need my entire door replaced or a section?

If you have a specific problem, it may be possible just to replace the section affected. However, if the section affected begins to affect any other parts of your garage door, the entire door may need to be replaced.

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