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Broken Garage Door Hinges

Broken Garage Door Hinges

Normally hinges are attached to the back of the door. They stand in between the panels. Using these hinges allows the door to bend during opening and closing. Sometimes broken garage door hinges are merely a symptom of wear and tear. At other times it is a question of poor usage. Moreover, the screws that are supposed to fix them onto the panels can grow loose thus falling out and creating additional stress.

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Broken Garage Door HingesMake sure that you have the right gauge since some manufacturers tend to use thinner and weaker materials. It is also important to ensure that the hinges are very clean and free from other debris. Where appropriate; regular lubrication is called for. It is advisable to replace all the springs in the line rather than just focusing on one because the damage tends to become peripatetic. It is a good idea to test the hinges prior to full operation.




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